Iron Infusion


It is a procedure during which iron is intravenously infused into your bloodstream. The most commonly administered intravenous iron formulations are Ferric Carboxymaltose (Ferinject) and Ferric Derisomaltose (Monofer).


An iron infusion may be useful if you have low iron levels and are intolerant of, or unresponsive to, oral iron replacement. It typically takes between 15-30 minutes.


Complications arising from an iron infusion are uncommon, but can include 

  • mild temporary side effects such a headache, flushing, nausea or a metallic taste
  • post-infusion flu-like symptoms such as joint or muscle aches, headache and mild fever 
  • allergic reactions including anaphylaxis – please advise if you have had any previous allergic reactions
  • iron solution can leak into surrounding skin tissues at the site of cannulation to cause permanent skin staining 

Please advise your specialist if you have had any adverse reactions to specific iron preparations. You will be monitored both during and immediately following your infusion to ensure that you do not have a reaction. 


There is no additional cost associated with having an iron infusion after your gastroscopy or colonoscopy. However, if you elect to have an iron infusion through a private infusion service or day infusion centre there may be out of pocket costs depending on your level of private insurance cover. 


We can organise an iron infusion immediately following your endoscopy. Alternatively, we can arrange for an outpatient infusion through a private infusion centre or service.